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See What Relatives Did To This Man For Refusing To Handover His Daughter For Circumcision (PHOTO)

Heartless family members have condemned a father’s face after he refused to handover her daughter to them for a painful and senseless female genital mutilation.
Mr. Olalowo Hammed Olalekan and his wife, Modinat have fled the shores of Nigeria for the safety of their children after they were asked by relatives to bring their daughter for a painful and needless circumcision.
Mr. Olalowo Hammed Olalekan
According to NewTelegraph, Modinat and her husband jointly objected to such traditional requirements of their offspring and insisted that their child would not be circumcised, unknown to him, it would get him into trouble.
Hammed, who was said to have been attacked by his kinsmen for not subjecting his daughter for the exercise said he didn’t expect to survive the attack due to thorough beating he got when he tried to escape, saying he was abused by his family and the community alike and was left to die. He said: “I thought I had died.
I was bleeding all over tmy body with swollen face and cuts on my body. What I experienced from them is not what I wish anybody. If it were my wife or children, they may not have survived it.”
Speaking further, he said: “I was on my way home, when some men began taunting me for not allowing my daughter to be circumcised, rather aided their disappearance.”
However, human rights activists have described the act as barbaric and blame it on Nigerian government for not providing adequate security to its citizens against such practices.
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