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SEE Shocking Dehumanizing Video of Nigerian Army Recruits Being Punished

swim gutter2
A large number of Nigerian military recruits were severely punished in a trending video that has attracted negative reactions from Nigerians on social media.
In the short video clip, approximately 100 military recruits were pictured being coerced into swimming in a filthy gutter filled with water as they were forced into passing through a tight drainage route by an officer whipping them at regular intervals.
The recruits on a long queue doing frog jumps were pictured looking dirty and unkempt which is an indication of series of dehumanizing punishments not captured in the video.
The offense of the young soldiers isn’t clear but one of the victims in another round of punishment around a tree trunk could be pictured pleading for mercy.
The details of the location of this disheartening act is currently unknown and the Defense Heaquarters is yet to make an official response to the odious development.
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