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Shocking! 300L Student Commits Suicide Over Girlfriend


Prosper died around 2:00am on Sunday night. According to reports, he reportedly drank ‘Sniper’ after sending his girlfriend a text message saying that by this morning he should have been dead.

“Around 12:23am, we started hearing noise from him snoring heavily. At first we thought it was normal until it got unbearable. So we had to enter his room and found him lying on the floor. Then we started praying, after which we made arrangements for him to be taken to the hospital. Before then, we had already forced palm oil down his throat. So on getting to the nurse, she confirmed him dead. No be today dem begin dey get wahala. He usually complain that the girlfriend is giving him tough time. In fact, he used to cook and take to the girls lodge. He frequents it. He had earlier called the girlfriends bestfriend and asked her to take good care of his girlfriend for him. The death is a painful one ” – Lodge mate

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