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SHOCKING: Strange Cat Reportedly Turns to Human in Ibadan [PHOTOS]


A 15-year old girl was reported to have turned from a cat to a human being in Ibadan. This strange incident happened at a house at the back of a popular Club called Echo Groove located at Ajeigbe, off Ring-road, Ibadan, Oyo state.

This is in-fact a shocking news coming from Ibadan.  Nigeriana news discovered that the incident truly happened at a house close to Echo Groove club, located at a popular busy  Bus stop along ring road, Ibadan.

Nigeriana news gathered in an interview with a person residing in the area. The person interviewed said: ‘the incident truly happened and that someone living in the building actually saw the lady while in form of a cat inside the cupboard right in the house, and after seeing the cat, the person screamed ‘Jesus’. While screaming Jesus, this lady immediately turned into a human being and then tried to escape from the building’. The girl got captured and people around started asking her questions how she got into the house until the police came to take her away.

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