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Shocking! Student Aborts Her Pregnancy And Dumps Baby In A River (Photo)

A secondary student has been arrested by the police after she aborted her pregnancy and dumped the baby in a river.

Sibonokuhle Ndlovu
A Herentals College in Bulawayo has left people in shock after a student illegally aborted her pregnancy and dumped the foetus in a river in Bulilima.
The Chronicle reports that Sibonokuhle Ndlovu (19) was assisted by a neighbour, Naume Gumbato (35) to terminate her three-month pregnancy and the incident took place in Zimbabwe.
The duo have been arrested and arraigned before a court of law. Plumtree magistrate Mr Livard Philemon convicted the duo, both from Masendu area, on their own plea.
He sentenced each of them to 12 months in jail.
According to details of what happened, the two had three months each suspended for five years on condition that they do not within the period commit a similar offence.
The remaining nine months were suspended on condition that each of the accused performs 315 hours of community service at Masendu Clinic.
Explaining why she terminated her pregnancy, Ndlovu told the court that she did it because she was still young and attending school.
‘‘I just completed my A Level and I was about to start my college studies hence I decided to terminate the pregnancy.
‘‘Someone referred me to Gumbato who lives in my rural home and she helped me terminate the pregnancy,’’she said.
Prosecuting, Mrs Rose Sibanda said on April 26 Ndlovu went to Gumbato’s homestead and asked her to assist in terminating her pregnancy.
Mrs Sibanda said Gumbato gave Ndlovu a concoction made from okra roots and told her to return if she began to experience stomach pains.
‘On the following day around 4AM Ndlovu went back to Gumbato’s homestead complaining of stomach pains. Gumbato gathered donkey dung, dried it, ground it and gave Ndlovu to drink,’’ she said.
Mrs Sibanda said a few hours later Ndlovu had a forced miscarriage and with Gumbato’s assistance they threw the foetus in a nearby river.
Mrs Sibanda said the matter came to light after Ndlovu went to Masendu Clinic complaining of stomach pains. She said the clinic staff refused to attend to her and ordered her to report the abortion to the police first.
This led to the arrest of the two accused.
In mitigation, Gumbato told the court that she had been overcome by evil spirits which caused her to commit the offence.
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