A woman has been disgraced and shamed by a pervert crowd who stripped her n*ked and matched her around in public.
The woman was stripped naked and beaten to a pulp
A suspected female kidnapper and ritualist got more than what she bargained for after she was caught red-handed trying to abduct a child for money rituals.
According to a shocking video circulated online, the woman is seen being beaten, stripped and paraded on the streets stark n*ked as men use all sorts of weapons on her body.
She is followed by a large crowd of people who repeatedly use dangerous weapons on her body, pushing, flogging and punching her.
Some pervert and shameless men were seen putting their fingers in the woman’s private parts and forcing her to open her legs wide.
The woman was forced to explain how she and some others had planned to kidnap a child which they promised to give her some money if she helped them.
Unfortunately, the others ran away while she was caught by the irate mob who tried to burn her alive after stripping her n*ked. It is alleged that the incident took place in Imo State. But, the video has been visited with severe criticism as many condemned the manner in which the woman was treated.
Due to the nature of the video, we cannot post it here.