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So Sweet!! Caterer Unknowingly Bakes Her Proposal Cake (+Photos)

proposal cake

Darlington popped the question on Saturday, September, 10, 2016 but the proposal stunned his fiancée.


Favour and Darlington with the proposal cake baked by Favour

Darlington who is a lecturer had made his best friend, Adeyemi, order for a proposal cake from Favour who is the CEO of Sweethands catering services. She was excited as according to her she has been expecting her Adeyemi to propose to his longtime girlfriend. Adeyemi told Favour that she will deliver the proposal cake to his girlfriend at a designated place.

Favour was almost late for the delivery, her car was not going to start but she managed to make it to the agreed venue only for her to get there and meet some of her family members and instead of her fiance’s best friend she saw he fiancé and before she could ask any question he popped the unexpected question and she has no other response than yes.


Darlington admiring the engagement ring he gave to Favour

She expressed her surprise when she said: “I settled down to decorate the last cake for the day which was ordered by boo’s friend some few days ago for his supposed proposal that we’ve been looking forward to and was so excited to be a part of, little did I know that I was making my own cake?? 


Proposal cake baked by Favour

Owk, so finished decorating and quickly tried to touch up before rushing out to go deliver as I was told I would be presenting the cake to the “lady”. Getting to the venue, boo’s friend that ordered the cake wasn’t there instead, I saw some famillies’ faces but it still wasn’t making sense until boo got on his knees and popped the question, he already slipped the ring into my finger sef b4 I could answer…if I hear say I know say yes…lol?”

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While Darlington who is still basking in his being able to put up such a surprise proposal wrote: “soo I did it…took that step…as much as I had planned this to perfection…I just could not find my words…ooh and I almost put the ring on her right hand…?…I think i did…she woke me up and said thats my right hand….damn…thank God i got the finger…guess the kids already have something to laugh at Daddy about…but well that don’t matter…she said YES…not like there was any other option on the table anyway. ..but I thank God…I found my footing and damn she was suprised…I know many guys would love to suprise their spouse when proposing..but I took suprise to another level…She baked her own proposal cake with noo idea…true not everyone’s woman bakes…but guess what…mine does..and she’s damn good at it @we_are_sweethandz couldn’t have imagined placing an order somewhere else…her business name is just who and what she is.Her name, brings me favour…soo yh…I’m in the right boat..I love you darlyn”

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