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Thief Mistakenly Locks Himself Inside Victim’s Car


Detectives attached to the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSRAS), Ikeja, Lagos State Police Command, have arrested a burglar, who mistakenly locked himself inside a victim’s car. The suspect, Jamiu Anisoro, used to burgle cars with an iron rod, sharpened and shaped into a key. He burgled a car on premises of Mainland Hotel, Oyingbo, Oto Railway Ebute-Metta and got trapped inside the car, leading to his arrest. When the car owner came out, he saw Anisoro inside his car and alerted the police. Although the key had opened many car boots and doors, it, however, had a clause. Once it has opened a door, the door would become faulty. The master or normal key wouldn’t be able to operate the door again.  A police . said: “Anisoro specialises in opening vehicles with a master key. He got a rod and sharpened it into the shape of a key. His modus operandi is to watch motorists coming to Oyingbo Market. After the person parks, he would find out where the person is going. He monitors where the person is heading. He would go back to where the victim’s car is parked. “But before heading to the targeted car, he would carry two bags, filled with used papers. He would use the master key to open the car door, pretending to be the owner or driver. He would pick phones, money and other valuables.  He would drop the bags filled with old newspaper into the car and leaves. People watching him would think he came to drop some items he bought inside his car; they wouldn’t know he is a burglar.” Anisoro confessed to the police that he targeted victims in the morning and evening. He usually steals phones, wallets and other valuables inside parked vehicles. According to him, he used to sell some of such stolen items at Computer Village, Ikeja.

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Credit: New Telegraph.

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