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Troops Arrest Boko Haram’s Top Commanders in Yobe

Boko Haram

The Nigerian troops in an operation with personnel of the Civilian- JTF, on Thursday, carried out an operation that led to the arrest of two key Boko Haram’s commanders, an army statement said.

Those arrested are Ibrahim Jagwal, 38, who is an Ameer (commander), and the insurgents’ automobile repairman, Audu Ahmadu, 45.

Going by Boko Haram’s ranking protocol, the two may have killed up to 50 persons or personally slit the throat of any of their parents, or family member to whom they are related by blood, to earn their “prestigious” rank as Ameers.

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Spokesman of the Nigerian Army, Sani Usman, a Colonel, said in a statement that the two men were helping the troops with vital information that could lead to further major arrests.

Mr. Usman, who is the Acting Director, Army Public Relations, added 47 civilians comprising men, women and children had also been rescued during a raid operations in one of the Boko Haram’ camp between Borno and Yobe state.

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