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Video: Girl Hides in Boyfriend’s Car Boot Just to Catch Him Cheating

When you suspect your significant other is playing away you can either sob in a corner or you can try and prove it. That was what a girl just did – prove it.
The woman hid in her boyfriend’s car as he drove with another girl in the passenger seat. Victoria, from Florida, filmed herself as she explained her plan to get out of her hiding place and challenge her other half when she saw where he was going.
She gave graphic details how she was able to execute the plan. According to her, when she suspected that the boyfriend was cheating on her, all she needed was to prove it after his many denials.

She describes how she discovered her other half was playing away when she heard him sneezing in the background of her friend’s phone conversation with another girl.
After finding out where that girl lives she turns up, gets in his car and waits.
When he stops she get out and taps on the window to confront him.
But instead of the reaction she expects, the guy and his passenger, who was not the girl she expected to see, just laugh at her.

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