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VIDEO: Policemen Constitute Nuisance On Lagos Busy Road, And Harass Motorists


These particular Policemen in the attached video have been known to always force themselves into people’s vehicles, demanding for documents at a busy junction where they are supposed to assist the free flow of traffic.

As seen in the video, the clearly-frustrated and annoyed car owner can be heard questioning and protesting the Policeman’s entrance into his car.


The witness who shared the video with us, and who also happens to be the victim, writes, “The first time he did it, I challenged him and his colleagues apologized on his behalf after he couldn’t find anything against me and my driver.

“I noted his face, and he tried it the second time, and this 3rd time as you can see in this video.

“A follow up video and audio will tell how his colleagues apologized and tried repairing my vehicle. 

I still question if this officer was trained for this job,” he concluded.

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Traffic Policemen and Wardens in Nigeria, and in Lagos especially, have a long history of slowing down traffic, despite being tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the road is as free as possible for commuters.

It remains to be seen what the government will do to completely stamp out the act of Policemen hampering traffic once and for all.

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