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Man Shares Painful Experience: How My Wife Cheated, Dumped Me For Her Boss

An electrical engineer has been left devastated after his wife was wooed and whisked away from him by her boss.

Joel Mwakulomba and his now estranged wife
An electrical engineer from Mombasa in Kenya identified as Joel Mwakulomba has shared the bitter experience how his wife cheated and dumped him for her boss, a construction site foreman.
The man revealed that his wife of two years, Millicent Adisa, has reportedly dumped him after she got the job. He revealed touching and painful details of the incident to The Nairobian.
“When I met her, she was jobless and I was ready to support her. So, when a job opportunity came knocking, I was elated since she could now chip in financially. Little did I know this was the start of our problems,” he said.
Mwakulomba revealed that his wife developed an attitude and would spend a lot of time on her phone, which was a bit unusual.
At first, he was suspicious but since he trusted her, he says he didn’t want to dwell on the matter.
 “She seemed addicted to WhatsApp, which was unlike her. She would wake up in the middle of the night to check her phone. I would hear her giggle and laugh as she talked with her ‘man’,” he said.
Mwakulomba decided to investigate the matter and what he found out broke his heart.
“I got tired of the habit. One night, I snatched the phone from her and bumped on a message from her boss, saying; “Nateseka usiku silali.” Loosely meaning “Suffer night I can not sleep .”
He demanded to know the truth, but his wife insisted he was just being jealous and overprotective.
He called the number and the man on the other end claimed he was a businessman from Lowdar.
“I was angry and felt cheated. A search on Truecaller revealed that the man was from Mombasa. I love this woman and I was not ready to walk out of my marriage,” he said.
The couple parted ways but the in-laws intervened and urged them to reconcile.

“I took her back after she apologised and promised to change,” he said.
However, Mwakulomba was shocked when one day after returning home from work, he found his house empty.
His wife had packed all her belongings and left.
“I left work one day to find the house empty. She had carried nearly everything leaving me with only two chairs, my clothes and the bed,” he said.
He later learnt that his wife had moved in with her new man.
He claims he is heartbroken and wants his wife to return some of his household goods and certificates.
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