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“Wizard Caught Flying Over Calabar Highway” (Video)


According to the woman whose house the wizard was first ‘arrested’, she was having her bath that morning around 4:00am in preparation for work when she saw a big kite-like object striking the back of her house with a huge crash. She went out to check what it was and she was shocked at what she saw.

The woman said the man’s face was pale and threatening, so she asked him who he is. But instead of answering, the man spat out a huge lump of saliva which almost got to her. When this happened she raised alarm to get the attention of people around.

When neighbors and passersby came, they started interrogating the man, threatening to kill him. Then, few persons among the crowd recognized the man, while others added that his wife died few months ago. And that he’d lost all his children too, but didn’t stay at that environment but a distance of about a mile apart.

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After all the beatings, he was pushed to the highways, threatened to be burnt alive if he didn’t confess what brought him there.

At this point he started confessing: “I killed my wife, children and many other people using witchcraft. And I came here looking for whom to devour”, he said.


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