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Woman Paraded Half N@ked For Burying Charms In Neighbour’s Compound (Photos)

Unknown Assailants Strangle Elderly Couple In Osun State

A Facebook user, Uju Patrica, posted the story of the woman on her wall, narrating how the woman was caught in another family’s compound while in the process of burying the deadly charms.

The plans of an elderly woman to harm another family in her community in Anambra State, backfired after she was caught red-handed burying charms in the family compound of her neighbours.

The diabolic old woman

The diabolic old woman

Photo Credit: Facebook

The angry youths in the village proceeded to her house to conduct a search and they were further shocked to find a goat bleating like a human being and shedding tears, as well as other charms she had stocked in her house.

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She was beaten blue black and paraded half naked around the village.

The crying goat

The crying goat

Photo Credit: Facebook

This is how Patricia captured the scene on her wall:

“She (the woman) went to bury charms behind one Ofieli family just behind her house and she was caught live.”

“And they went to her house and found a goat that was is crying tears like a human being. According to my mom, many charms were found in her house and a pregnant goat, that the chest was open where she also prepare her charms.”

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