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Wow! How a Mother of 3 Accidentally Fell Pregnant and Ended Up Giving Birth To Triplets


A Mum-of-three who fell pregnant by mistake doubled the size of her family after giving birth to triplets.

Vimla Patel, 32, from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, thought her family was complete with two sons and a daughter and was planning to start a new job as a care assistant.

But after she started to feel sick in the mornings she did a home test which revealed she was pregnant.



Vimla and partner Keith Monroe, 36, were then left stunned after scans revealed they had beaten odds of 200 million-to-one by conceiving identical triplet boys.

“We didn’t want to rule anything out so we went in for a scan to see what our options were,” Vimla recalled.

“When the nurse doing the scan left the room I felt a wave of relief wash over me at the thought it might all have been a big mistake.

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“But then she came back in and said it was triplets. Keith was gobsmacked. He couldn’t talk.


“We knew immediately that we were going through with the pregnancy. We never really thought we could have a termination anyway.

“But knowing I was carrying three babies just confirmed it for us.”


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