11-Yr-old Chinese Boy Deliberately Cuts off His Finger to Please Parents

An 11-year-old boy in China who wanted to please his parents, chopped off his own finger with a cleaver after a dispute over playing games on his smartphone.
On March 5, the boy, who has been given the pseudonym Peng, was rushed to the hospital in Suzhou city with his severed finger to have it reattached, reports the People’s Daily Online.
According to the report, Peng’s father shouted at him because each morning he wakes up, he starts playing game with his phone thus setting a bad example for his six-year-old brother. To appease his parents, the little boy cut off the finger he used to play the game.
It took surgeons more than three hours to connect Peng’s index finger back on to his left hand.
Speaking to reporters, Peng’s father, with the surname of Zou, said his son had been playing on the games since 9am. He had the phone in his hand throughout the day and would not stop to do anything else. During the period, his younger brother was said to be staring at him, a thing their parents didn’t like.
Peng’s mother was in the kitchen at the time and reportedly told him: ‘You need to have time to teach your brother homework, do not always play the game.’
A scan of the severed finger
After hearing this Peng said: ‘I do not teach, I taught him last year, I will not do it again.’ 
At the time he was holding a fork to eat some vegetables, when he noticed that his parents were still unhappy with his behaviour, he put down the fork and picked up a cleaver on the low table behind him. He then put his left hand on the table and cut off his index finger at the knuckle.
Surprised by the act, the parents picked the finger and took him to the hospital where doctors fought for three hours to reattach it.
Zhou Rong, one of the surgeons at the hospital said: ‘Children that are as young as Peng have very fine blood vessels, so the operation was more difficult.
‘Now the finger has been connected, the next stage will be to see if it will stay attached to his hand and resume the situation,’ he said.
He must now be extremely careful with his hand. If he tampers with it too much he is likely to cause blood vessel blockage and the finger will have to be permanently removed.
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