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+18! H0rny Couple Attack Police Who Tried To Stop Them From Having S3x In Broad Daylight (Watch Video)


A man and woman were filmed having oral sex in front of baffled passers-by until their antics were somehow stopped by police officers. A couple were engaged in sexual activity in broad daylight in Zarate, Buenos Aires, Argentina. They were enjoying themselves for some time until were approached by policemen. However, even when police officers asked them to stop they rejected in aggressive manner.

The woman is caught performing sex act on her boyfriend. Footage of the cheeky incident was leaked on the internet demonstrating the details of what had happened between the amorous couple and servants of the law. Video shows a woman performing a sex act on her boyfriend, who apparently enjoys every second of process as he leans against a wall with his pants round his ankles and hands behind his head. The girl who stripped down to her bra is seen standing on her knees in front of her lover, while locals are passing by and turning round to stare in perplexity. Finally, someone reported the shameless couple to police as a police car seen arriving on the scene. But even cops appearance doesn’t stop the horny duo.

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Moreover, they repeatedly ignored their requests to stop and even tried to argue with the officers, according to local media reports. The woman said: “I’m not going to stop because I don’t want to. It’s my boyfriend and I do it where I want. If you want I’ll do it in front of you. You’re not going to take me away for this, you can’t detain me for this.” Expectedly, both ended up in a police cell as they were arrested for a public decency offence. The randy couple reportedly spent the night at the disco where they drank a lot and decided to continue their party outside a nightclub. The scene took place early on Monday morning in the city of Zarate in the northeast of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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