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2 Guests Spent The Night In Hotel With Corpse Unknowingly


According to reports, two guests spent a night in a hotel in Pattaya, Thailand unaware that there was a dead body under their bed

The body of the slain transgender woman was only discovered after the guests had checked out, when a maid noticed blood near the bed.

Police and rescue workers were alerted to the incident at the five-storey hotel on Saturday.

Rescue workers found the unidentified body after lifting up the bed in the room on the roof deck of the hotel.

Police believe the victim had been dead for three or four days. The body was sent to a forensic institute for an autopsy to find out the cause of the death.

Thai media reported that two men had checked into the room on Aug 16. They took a transgender guest to the room at 1.35am on Aug 18 before checking out later that morning.

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On Friday evening, a man and woman checked into the room and reported a bad smell. They asked the hotel staff to spray the room before spending the night there.

On Saturday morning, a hotel maid came to clean the room, discovered blood coming from under the bed and a foul smell. She alerted the hotel manager, who immediately called police to investigate.

The Pattaya police chief, Apichai Kropphet, said officers had already obtained the identification of the two male suspects and footage from closed-circuit television.

Kropphet also added that police are now looking for the suspects.

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