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Another Nigerian Man Who Loves To Dress Like A Lady Shares Odious Pictures

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Just as everyone is trying to get over popular Nigerian gay Bobrisky, another Nigerian man has come out to reveal why he loves dressing like a woman. Although he explained that, he is not gay but does not care about what people say about his dressing.

Man claims he is not gay He took to his Instagram handle to post several pictures of him in female clothes with the caption: “To Be Yourself In a World That Is Constantly Trying To Make You Something Else Is The Greatest Accomplishment…. (AmHotterDanYaGyalDem) ok bye! I can’t apologise for the person I choose to be….. I watch friends take a walk and doors bang shut in my face cause I am not the certain “fixed” being people expect me to be… #CrazyOutift #Ye m weird buh is it ya consign? # Baba if u want to be weird cum nd have it #hahahahahahah life z a biatch tho. Thank you I know i‘m cute!!”

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Man claims he is not gay

Man showing off is butt

Man showing off is butt

Man dressed in female clothes.

Man dresses ion female white top and blue ripped jeans.

Man dresses in female white top and blue ripped jeans.


Man dressed in famale clothes.

Please tell me this guy is lying about being gay!

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