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Awesome!! Meet The October 1st Couple…(+Photos)

October 1 couple

British man proposes to his Nigerian girlfriend at the London Eye, UK on their shared birthday. Sam is a UK citizen and he met his Nigerian girlfriend during their time in a university in the UK. She was by herself when he came over and he spoke to her, they exchanged numbers and eventually, they started dating.

proposal 2

Sam and his Nigerian girlfriend

His girlfriend recalls that from the moment they realized they shared the same birthday, October 1, everything clicked with them. She said: “When we found out we share the same birthday!!! That was it! The chemistry was just too strong. We evolved into an actual relationship.”

A year later, Sam planned an elaborate proposal at the breathtaking view of the London Eye tourist attraction in the UK. He planned it for their shared birthday and she never saw it coming. She said: “For one who makes fun of girls that cry during their proposals, I was ashamed of myself because, I wasn’t just crying, I was literally weeping.

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proposal 1

Pre-wedding shoot of the couple, Save the Date (Oct 1)

Weeping out of shock because this man had decided to spend the rest of his life dealing with me and my jollof rice.” The couple plan on getting married October 1, 2016. They were strangers in October 2014, got engaged in October 2015 and will be man and wife by October 2016. This is definitely a match made in Heaven!

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