Bizarre! Meet Gorgeous Woman Whose One Leg is Twice the Size of the Other (Video)

Meagan Barnard
Meagan Barnard is a 25-year-old college student who is constantly bullied because of her legs.
She told INSIDE EDITION: “One person asked me how can you live with yourself when you look like that?”
When she was 15 she developed a condition called Lymphedema which caused fluid to build up in her right leg making it larger than her left leg.
“It was absolutely devastating to get the news that this was the way I had to live for the rest of my life. To having this leg being twice the size of my other one that didn’t allow me to dance anymore,” she said. “It didn’t allow me to be comfortable in my own skin.”
She spends an hour each day using a special compression machine to relieve the pressure in her leg and finding clothes she can fit into is just one of her challenges.
Meagan Barnard’s one leg is bigger than the other
She has to buy large pants online because in stores she says she only sees skinny jeans.
Barnard is so self-conscious about her leg, she hides it from everyone.
When she started a relationship with her boyfriend Rob, the co-ed tried to hide her leg from him for nine months.
He’d already noticed and was so in love that it didn’t matter.
“I just laid in wait until you were ready,” he told her. “I had come too far.”
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