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Blind Zimbabwian Lady Turns Prostitute To Raise Money For Eye Surgery (Photo)

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A young woman in Zimbabwe who is suffering from partial blindness, has decided to become a prostitute to raise money for surgery after her country people failed to respond to her appeal for funds, H-Metro reports.

The lady identified as Kelly, from the Chitungwiza region, said during an interview that she decided to sell herself to raise the US$500 needed for her treatment as no succour came when she made the fund appeal.

“My life is no longer the same following the passing on of my mother and this forced me into prostitution, my brother,” Kelly began.

“I have no problem of accommodation since I am renting a room with my boyfriend Elton, in Unit K Chitungwiza, and he is the one who keeps all the money I receive from the men I render services to.

Elton makes sure he records all the vehicle registration numbers of motorists who hire me and makes sure I am secured.

I used to stay in Epworth before relocating to Chitungwiza with my boyfriend. After raising the money, I do not see myself continuing in sex work because the life is not good at all and some of the clients want to take advantage of me to give me peanuts.

It is not a good method to raise money though but I was left without any other option until I agreed with my boyfriend.

If I find someone to help me, I will not continue in the streets.”

Kelly, the blind prostitute

Her boyfriend, Elton, who also spoke to reporters, said he makes sure Kelly’s clients do not take advantage of her blindness.

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“I record those who engage Kelly for security purposes and I make sure she is kept warm by collecting pieces of cardboard boxes to make fire.”

A fellow prostitute who identified herself as Rachel, said she helps Kelly by holding her hand when approaching her potential clients, saying most of the clients are after young ladies.

“Kelly is getting more customers and we have agreed with all hookers around this place that we must not compete with her since she is after raising money for eye surgery.

I give her a hand leading her to her clients because it will be dark since she is blind.”

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