This Calf Was Born With 8 Legs And It Gathers Crowds of People! You need to see it!!


What should a calf do to become so popular and gather crowds of people? Well, this one was born with 8 legs! Take a look.

calf with 8 legs

It is just one month old and was born at the beginning of July. It looks pretty healthy, but not normal. Instead of just 4 legs, the poor creature got 8 of them. Nonetheless, the calf can walk just fine, but a bit slower than its normal counterparts.

Here is what the owner has to say about it:

“To reduce the crowding, my wife and I must take turns carrying the calf out so that people can look at it more easily. We carry it until we get tired. We don’t even have enough time to have meals.”

It gathers 50-60 people at a time, who come to see such a wonder. This unusual beast was born in Vietnam. People come and try to touch it, but the owners protect the popular calf from being hurt.

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The family is glad to have it, but they kind of get tired of the ongoing line of guests, who visit their farm to see it. The word spreads and the calf become mighty popular among the locals. Still, the family is happy to have such an extraordinary beast.

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