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Couple’s Wedding Reception Ruined After Guests Find a Dead Rodent in their Stew

A wedding reception has turned ugly and left guest disgusted after a dead rat was found inside the pot of stew served to guests.

Dead rat found in stew at a wedding reception
It was a total nightmare for a Chinese couple after a guest found a dead rat floating in their beef stew last week.
The huge rodent was found lying in the hot dish during the noon celebrations on February 13 at a restaurant in Wanzhou District, Chongqing, reports the People’s Daily Online.
The shocking encounter forced disgusted guests to leave the reception immediately ruining the wedding. However, before they left the banquet at the Ba Da Wan Restaurant, the guests took pictures of the dish and posted them online.
They also made a complaint to the Wanzhou District food and drug administration department.
The dead rat was found in the stew
According to the report, after seeing the images, a local reporter from the Chongqing Evening News called the restaurant but was greeted by a new member of staff who knew nothing about the rat incident.
The owner of the restaurant could not be contacted and his phone had allegedly been switched off.
Investigators from the Wanzhou District food and drug administration department – which is responsible for regulating food safety – confirmed that they received the complaint on February 13 and immediately went to the restaurant, Dailymail reports.
According to reports, it was likely the beef dish was not covered after it was cooked and the rat fell into the pot, eventually drowning in the stew.

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