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Creativity Despite All Odds: Man Built Own Leg Using LEGO While He Awaits Prosthetic Limb (+Photo)

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A man waiting for a new prosthetic leg on the NHS has been keeping himself entertained by building himself a replacement limb out of Lego.


Cronin with the Lego leg

Cronin was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in June 2013. On Reddit , he revealed that his doctor told him that it could have gone undiagnosed for 10 years.

Since being put on insulin, Cronin now has his disease under control, but complications beforehand led to the eventual amputation of his leg.

Instead of looking at the negatives, Cronin used his daughter’s Lego box to construct himself a replacement.

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He took to Reddit to post a picture of his marvellous creation and answer questions from interested people.

Cronin attracted plenty of interest after posting his photo.

He explained his situation, and used it to warn others about the potential dangers of diabetes.

“Check your feet every night keep your diabetes under control and make sure you have a good doctor”, Cronin wrote.

“I’m in this position basically down to medical negligence”.

But the dad remains remarkably upbeat about something that many would be upset by.

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