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England Priest Unfrocked By Church For Involvement In Bis*xuality


The priest was exposed by his ex wife, Birte Day, who made the disclosure based on evidences she had gathered over the years. Reverend James Meredith Day, an ordained priest of the Church of England, has been defrocked for his involvement in bisexuality and other inappropriate behaviour.

She offered the information at the Bishop’s Disciplinary Tribunal for the Diocese of Europe according to the UK Mirror.

She said, “I had to protect myself by gathering evidence to show that he was not normal, because to others outside the marriage he projected himself to be a successful and respectable person.

“Between 2010 and 2011, I amassed four memory sticks of material. There were about 50 short films of men and women in scenes of sexual pleasure and orgies, at least 100 sketches of naked women being tortured and burned, a scene of a gladiator being hit and tortured, many images of naked young men and other sexually explicit material.

“One image I downloaded in 2011 was of my husband taking part in group sex,” she said, referring to an email she had found from Day to his friend in which he wrote:

“You must never desist on account of my priesthood. It has nothing to do with my perfection and all to do with vocation; perhaps I should send you photos from a gangbang I participated in to assuage your guilt.”

“He became increasingly open about his sexual addiction. He often said the two most important elements in his life were God and sex and in order to remain anonymous, Day created email addresses for himself under different names and identities.

“In one email he used the alias ‘Henry Olsen’ to arrange a meeting with a woman known as Amanda in Brussels who charged €130 for one hour.

“When I confronted him about ‘Henry Olsen’, he did not deny using the fake name.

“I think he wanted to hurt me with his sexual activities and was making me feel guilty as I was just not good enough.

“He was trying to make it appear that his sexual practices and behaviour were normal. He was not embarrassed that I knew about his sexual activities outside our marriage, and he readily admitted to them.”

Day was not present at the tribunal, but claimed in an e-mail that he had evidence that will make his ex wife’s story contestable.

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