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Enraged Hotel Guest Kicks Down Man’s Door And Beats Him Up For “Having Noisy S3x” (Photos)

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The images you’re about to see shows the surprising moment, an enraged hotel guest kicked down a man’s door and beat him up in the middle of the night because he was having sex too loudly.


CCTV captured the moment a guest, named locally as a businessman called Zhang, took out his frustrations on another guest at a hotel in the city of Beihai, in China’s Guanxi southern province.

The attack took place in the early hours of October 13 after Zhang and a group of his colleagues had checked into the hotel ahead of a meeting the following morning, local media reports.

But at some point during the night Zhang was woken up by a couple having sex loudly in the neighboring room, it is reported.


Zhang then went into the corridor to tell the couple to be quiet, but instead received a barrage of abuse back from another man, named as Lei Mou

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As the confrontation got louder, Zhang’s colleagues make their way into the corridor where at least ten of them were filmed waiting outside the door.

Eventually Zhang kicked down the hotel door, before dragging the male guest out while punching and kicking him, and stripping him to the waist, Daily Mail reports.


The group were then caught on film in the lobby where the attack continued, before police were called and split it up.

Zhang eventually agreed he had over-reacted, before agreeing to pay 15,000 yuan to Lei to settle the dispute.

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