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Ghana Police Officer Wiped Out His Entire Family And Commits Suicide

According to a Facebook user in Ghana, Amuzu a member of the Rapid Deployment Force (RDF), went berserk after his wife reported him to police authorities over incidents of domestic violence and Amuzu was detained for a night and released the next day on bail.

A police officer with the Ghana Police Service, Constable Wilfred Amuzu, has committed a sacrilege by killing his wife, his new born baby, young son and mother-in-law, before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide.

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After he was released, Amuzu went straight home and decided to wipe out his entire family and himself as well.

On the day of the incident, it was reported that as his wife was bathing the new born, Amuzu began his massacre, starting from his young son, to his wife who was bathing the baby, the new born, his mother-in-law who was taking her bath, before turning his service rifle on himself.

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