Hilarious! Watch the Adorable Moment a Baby Gets Confused by His Dad’s Twin Brother

This lovely video will make your day! It shows the adorable moment a baby tries hard swinging between identical twin brothers trying to tell which one is the real dad. So adorable!

Stephen Ratpojanakul and his brother Michael with their lovely baby
Identical twins, Stephen Ratpojanakul and his brother Michael shared an adorable video showing Stephen’s little boy confused by the look-alike face of the twins. The adorable moment captured on camera has gone viral and people can’t stop talking about it.
The adorable baby tries hard to tell the real dad
The video shows the little boy swinging from one arm of the twins to the other after he couldn’t tell who actually is the real dad. The boy takes a look at either brother and says “dada” as he tries to figure out which one is his father.
Stephen the real dad is in the grey jumper.
Watch the video below:


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