Horrifying Video Shows Giant Python Strike and Swallow Helpless Puppy Alive (Video)

A horrifying video showing a python devouring a helpless puppy alive has caused controversy online as people curse who ever set up such a wicked show.
The distressing six-second video shows the gold Burmese python – also known as a patteraless – hovering around the puppy’s face before locking its jaws on the animal’s mouth and coiling its body around it.
In the clip, a man’s voice is reportedly heard saying: “It won’t eat it,” followed by, “OK, enough, enough,”according to The Beijing News.
It is believed the footage was uploaded to Weibo, a Chinese social media site. Some have expressed disgust and called such show as not just cruel but also inhumane.
One viewer said: “It’s enraging to watch someone feed a live dog to a snake, and it shows how sick the owner’s mind is.”
Watch video below:


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