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Where This Hospital Kept Newborn Babies Will Shock You (+Photos)

Venezuela hospital

Wonder shall never, cannot imagine seeing in baby in a carton after a painful labour but people of Venezuela seem not to be concerned though. Following the recent healthcare crisis in Venezuela, South America, an opposition took to their social media handle to reveal how newborn babies are kept in cartons, immediately after delivery. Heartbreaking images were posted online by Mesa de la Unidad Democratica, showing dozens of tiny infants lined up in cartons, with each baby wrapped in a blanket in half a cardboard box with their medical notes sellotaped to the front on a piece of paper.

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Newborn babies kept inside cartons in Venezuela.

Babies in cartons

Babies in cartons.

Newborn babies kept inside cartons in Venezuela

The party captioned the photos: “So the world knows: In our neonatal units at the Dr Domingo Guzman Lander hospital they are being kept in cardboard boxes due to a lack of incubators.” However, the Venezuelan Social Security Institute President Carlos Rotondaro has begun investigations. Nigeria still get hope sha!

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