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“You Have To Inform Us Before You Can Have S3x” – Police Tell ‘Sexu@l Predator’ Man

Nicholas Crawshaw is a young man who has been dubbed a “s*xual predator”
The 23-year-old man has been banned from going into pubs after 9pm or even having s*x without informing the police.
According to The Telegraph, Nicholas Crawshaw, has been given an interim S*x Risk Order (SRO) by West Cheshire magistrates which restricts him from having sexual contact without telling the police beforehand.
Mr Crawshaw was cleared by a Warrington Crown Court jury of six counts of r*pe, two of sexual assault and two of assault by penetration against eight different women.
In February he was cleared of six counts of r*pe, one of sexual assault and one of assault by penetration against two women in a different trial and in 2015 he was cleared of one count of rape.
But on Friday Cheshire Police brought civil proceedings against him to impose an SRO after they said Mr Crawshaw was a “s*xual predator”.
Acting for the applicant, Elizabeth Heavey told the court the police accepted the verdicts of the juries but the order came from a “wholly unique and extraordinary” set of circumstances.
She said: “The respondent has admitted sexual contact with six complainants out of 11. There appears to have been no previous relationship with these complainants.
“He admitted in the course of criminal proceedings that he had sex with one complainant in a toilet in a nightclub. Many complainants he met in nightclubs or bars.
“It is for that reason that the application has been drafted.”
The interim SRO restricts Crawshaw from contacting any of the complainants, from having s*x in licensed premises, from having s*x in public, from being in a licensed premises between 9pm and 6am and from having sexual contact with any person without giving the police notice beforehand as soon as practicable.

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