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18+! Kenyan Man Teaches Women How to Ejacul@te with Live Practicals (Photos)

warning adult content
In the past few days a controversial video of self-acclaimed sexologist, Maurice Matheka from Kenya, at work teaching ladies on how to squirt during intercourse has gone viral and left many Kenyans shocked.
Maurice Matheka

In the video the sexologist is seen seated next to a fully unclad woman and surrounded by several other clients (women) as he demonstrates his expertise on the half-unclad woman whose face didn’t show as he concentrated on her v*gina.

Maurice Matheka is said to be a busy man and he receives many clients (mostly married women) daily who need his advice on how to enjoy s*x with optimum pleasure.
Here is how he described his job; “It’s a job like another and you must be certified. I studied sexology at Rochdale Institute. There are men who are fishermen, others are doctors, others are engineers, and I am a s*x therapist.”

When asked if it was morally right to play with other women’s private parts, He responded: “A man and woman can’t do business together with no strings attached? She is strictly my business partner, and there is nothing we felt for each other.”

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