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At Last!! Siamese Twins Who Share One Head Successfully Separated (+Photos)

siamese twins joined in the head

What kind of life would they have if they stayed like that? See how the surgery was performed to give them a brighter future. Kids bring us happiness and blessing. However, this pair of twins was not so. Anias and Jadon McDonal were born conjoined by their heads!  Their mother is 31 and their father is 37. Luckily for the boys, the parents’ love is unconditional. They love them as they are. It’s so amazing to see the boys joined by their heads, when one boy’s face is looking up and the other one’s – to the side.

 one head

Conjoined twins, who shared one head

who shared one head

Still, the chances of good life for the twins are minimal, if they stay this way. So the parents decided to take grave risks of separating them. The cost of the surgery is so high. Two lives are at stake and the operation costs 2.5 million dollars! The best world’s surgeon was to perform it at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, New York. Back in 2004 this same person helped to separate another pair of conjoined twins. And he did a good job, too.

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 twins, who shared one head

Conjoined twins family

Conjoined twins

Many people have been praying for the twin, who shared one head to survive the separation. The surgery lasted for 27 hours. Now the toddlers are in a recovery room. The most tragic moment is over, but the fight for the normal life just begins for the sweet kids and their parents. Let’s wish them God’s blessings and strength. This baby girl was born twice the size of the average baby!

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