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Wow! The Longest Snake in the World Has Been Discovered Deep in the Amazon Jungle (Photos)

Longest snake
A new BBC documentary uncovers the ‘world’s longest snake’ which is more than 17 feet long and lives deep in the Amazon jungle.
Scottish filmaker, Gordon Buchanan presents the three-part series called Tribes, Predators and Me, which first airs on BBC Two at 9pm on Sunday.
In the first episode, Gordon joins a Waorani tribal family in remote Ecuador as they hunt for anacondas, the world’s largest snakes.
His and the tribe’s greatest challenge in the episode is to catch and release a giant anaconda. This is the Amazon’s most dangerous animal, a proven man-eater, but one the Waorani believe gives them great spiritual power.
There is also a scientific reason for the capture as the Waorani are losing their land to oil exploration – with scientists testing anacondas for the effects of oil pollution.
The anaconda caught and then released in the programme is the longest ever to be recorded at more than 17 feet long.
For the men of this tribe, capturing and releasing large anacondas unharmed is a demonstration of their bravery which they believe provides them with spiritual power.
In the programme Gordon has two weeks to learn the Waorani tribe’s ancient wildlife secrets. These people are masters of the forest and have learnt to live alongside animals we fear, such as jaguars and even huge anacondas.
With their help Gordon sees mysterious Amazon river dolphins and encounters a powerful jaguar.
He joins the Waorani on a dangerous peccary spear hunt and as they pursue monkeys high in the forest canopy, using blow pipes and poison darts.
He sees how the women garden within the forest and how they befriend wild animals such as monkeys, parrots and even huge tapirs.

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