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Shocking! Man Who Was Buried Alive Digs Himself from the Grave with His Throat Cut Open [Video]

A shocking video has shown the moment a man who was thrown into a grave with his son dragged himself out of the grave.

The disturbing footage was released showing the moments a murdered man dug himself out of a shallow grave with his throat slashed.
The man, Forrest Bowyer was stabbed in the neck and his 12-year-old son Brett shot dead by robbers in Alabama in 2012. The victims were then buried in shallow graves – but Bowyer somehow managed to claw his way out.
Bleeding heavily with his throat cut “from ear to ear”, he crawled to Highway 431 in Seale, Russell County, for help.
The Russell County Sheriff’s Department released the horrific dashboard camera footage from that night on February 18.
The officer on camera can be heard saying: “I got a man that’s been cut to hell and said his son’s been shot 3 times. [The son] is buried in a grave down here at Uchee, and he wants to go get him. He was buried and dug himself out, this is a bad one.”
In the video, obtained by WVTM-TV News Leader 9 , the officer asks Bowyer who attacked them, to which he responds multiple times, “Jim Brooks”.
Bowyer can be heard telling the patrol officer that the killers would likely be back at his home “trying to get some more money”.
Brooks and accomplice, Michael Carruth were later arrested found guilty at trial. Both are now on death row.
Russell County sheriff Heath Taylor told the news channel: “It’s crazy to think about he [Bowyer] survived that night. Not one single time do I pass this area, where this occurred, that I don’t think about that case.”
Watch the video below:

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