Meet The 70-Year-Old Woman Who Runs 7 Marathons On Each Continent In 7 Days

Chau Smith

The 7 marathons were organized by a travel company that offered a marathon on each continent from Africa to Antarctica. A 70-year-old woman ran 7 marathons on each continent in 7 days

She claims that she ran 70 marathons during her whole life and these 7 were very enjoyable and challenging

70-year-old Chau Smith ran a marathon every day on a different continent each day from Jan 25 to Jan 31.

Meet 70-year-old woman who runs 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days

Despite her age Chau still trains intently

The seven day marathon is called the ‘Triple 7 Quest’ was organized by a travel company Marathon adventures. They offer marathons in Perth, Australia; Cairo, Egypt; Amsterdam, Kingdom of the Netherlands; Garden City, New York, Chile and even on King George Island, Antarctica.

“It took me eight months to really train. The last four months, I really put in long, long runs. Every week, I ran from 15 miles to 130 miles,” said Chau Smith, the owner of a dry-cleaning business.

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Meet 70-year-old woman who runs 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days

Chau Smith was among the runners during the Boston marathon

She recalls that each continent had its own challenges, for example she suffered severe sunburn under the scorching Australian sun.

However, Chau Smith claims that she ran over 70 marathons in her life and that the experience was worth it.




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