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Shocking Video of a Child Smoking a Cigarette and Encouraged by His Father Goes Viral (Watch)


In the video clip, the little Chinese boy was asked to turn around by his dad so he can prove to the camera and those watching that he is indeed smoking.

He inhales the cigarette smoke before coughing and attempts to put the stick on the floor, but his father stops him and makes a clicking noise of disapproval. He then tells the tot to take a drag, he coughs again but the dad continues to encourage him.
Obediently the child sticks the cigarette back into his mouth, even holding on to it with his lips, hands-free, just as a seasoned smoker would. The boy has even perfected the stance of an expert smoker, complete with the hand movements and tapping leg.
His father laughs as he watches his son taking a puff.
Watch the video clip below;


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