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Meet The Man Born Without Arms But Can Do Virtually Everything With His Feet

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A Chinese man who was born without arms -has inspired many with his touching story after he rose up against his challenge and pushed on… Chen was born in central China’s Hubei province on March 2, 1989. His parents worried about his future from the time of his birth because he was born without arms.


Twenty years passed, and Chen can now do many things by himself. His feet are quite capable of subbing in for tasks such as eating food, washing his face, brushing his teeth, getting dressed and using the toilet. He can even use his feet to cut vegetables, split firewood and type on a computer or mobile phone.

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Chen now runs an online store in his hometown. In less than ten days, he can earn more than 10,000 yuan. He always works late at night, and communicates with customers by typing with his feet. It is an unimaginable achievement, in the mind of Chen’s mother, that her amputee son could accomplish so much against such odds.


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