Meet the Reverend Sisters Growing and Selling Marijuana for a Living (Photos)

Two extraordinary reverend sisters are turning heads as they have been successfully growing and selling marijuana to those who need it for some months now.

Sister Kate and Darcy grow and sell marijuana for a living
The extraordinary nuns who grow and sell marijuana for a living have come under fire from the law as city officials are bent on closing them down.
The two nuns from California – Sister Kate and Sister Darcy, who live in a three-bed ‘abbey’ in Merced produce cannabis from the adjoining garage.
They use the cannabinoids found in the plant to create a variety of products used to treat pain which are now selling out online.
According to Dailymail, their homemade items will not get their customers high, but they are still facing closure because of new laws preventing residents from growing the drug on their properties.
The Sisters started the business six months ago and their treatments have proved popular with sell-out products on their Etsy page.
The pair produces salves, tonics and tinctures from the plants for pain management. They have low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component that causes the high.
The sisters grow their marijuana for medicinal purposes
However, the abbey faces closure following new Californian marijuana legislation – which come into force in March. The two sisters are very worried their business will be shut down as a result. They are currently in a bitter fight with the council to intervene on the matter since they are growing their marijuana for medicinal purposes.
Sister Kate, 56, said: ‘The ban is clearly against the wishes of the citizenry. So that makes it immoral and unjust.
‘Two hundred people or more turned out or more to make sure the city council didn’t enact a ban, but they did anyway, under the guise of not understanding how to regulate.’
‘The mayor indicated they have a ‘yearning for learning’, but it is a new yearning, because the medical marijuana legalisation has been in place for nineteen years, and just now, they decided to study the issue.’
With the popularity of her products, Sister Kate is hoping to expand her order.
Sister Kate, a mother-of-three, added that although they dress like catholic nuns their religion is New Age.
They have a big farm for their business
A description on their website reads: ‘Based in California’s Central Valley, The Sisters of the Valley are not affiliated with any traditional earthly religion. The Sisters’ spiritual practices support the process of making medicine. 
‘We respect the breadth and depth of the gifts of Mother Earth, working to bridge the gap between Her and her suffering people.
‘The Sisters prepare all medicines during moon cycles, according to ancient wisdom. We are activists who are on a mission to heal the world.’
The marijuana is transformed into a medicinal product at the end
Merced is one of several cities and counties in California that are attempting to place bans on dispensaries and other commercial cannabis enterprises.
The bill was signed into law in October by California Governor Jerry Brown.
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