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Meet the Woman Who Crushes Watermelons With Her Thighs in 5 Seconds (Video)

A woman is giving men a run for their money with a grand show off of her strength as she crushes huge watermelons within a flashing 5 seconds using her thighs.

Australian fitness guru, Kortney Olson is only known as Australia’s first female arm wrestling champion, but that is not all she is known for. She has now developed a reputation with her powerful thighs.
She uploaded a video on Facebook on the 5th of February showing how she crushed a watermelon with her thighs in just 5 seconds. She posted the video alongside the hashtags #YourHeadHereHomeboy and #RooshTheDouche in an apparent attempt to scare the ‘pro-rape’ blogger Daryush ‘Roosh’ Valizadeh who planned to visit Australia.
The video received more than 15,000 comments, with many making cruel or sexual remarks about Kortney’s physique.
Kortney addressed the negativity in a Facebook post on Wednesday.
She wrote:
 ‘Apparently my video has attracted a bunch of insecure, jealous little boys,’ she wrote. ‘So I can answer all of your messages at one time: YES! I’m married to a man. NO! I’m not a lesbian. ‘NO! testosterone has some non-reversible side effects I’m not prepared to deal with.
‘NO! I’m not competing in physique again, it was a massive waste of time and money. ‘And finally, YES! I’d love to change the world with you by empowering more women to BE AND DO WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT TO.’
Watch Olson in the video below:


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