Doctors Save Indian Girl Born with 3 Legs (Photos)

Baby 2
An Indian girl born with three legs has been handed her life back after doctors battled to correct the abnormality which has brought so much fear in the hearts of the girl’s parents.

Varsh Sena was born with three legs
Doctors have successfully operated on a baby girl born with three legs. She was born with an extra leg sprouting from her back due to a rare condition which affects one in a million infants.
The Two-year-old baby named Varsha Sena, from Delhi, was born with two legs, and a third limb growing sideways out of her spine.
Doctors say Varsha suffers from a rare condition called polymelia, which causes a person to be born with extra limbs, often arms or legs. The successful surgery was performed by Doctors at the Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital, Delhi who successfully removed the extra limp.
The lead surgeon, Dr Daljit Singh, said: ‘The baby was suffering from polymelia.
‘It is a condition in which is a person is born with more than four limbs. We have not seen such a case in the last fifty years.
‘This was the first case of polymelia in which the spinal cord had developed into an additional limb.’
After seeing her baby for the first time, her mother, Komal Sena, 24, said she was scared of her child.
She said: ‘I was scared when I saw my daughter for the first time.’ Now, everything has come back to normal. The successful operation has given Varsha her life back.
Polymelia is a rare disorder which occurs in the womb when the cells form abnormally during embryonic development.
The embryo begins to develop as conjoined twins. But one twin stops growing, leaving the remaining developments – often limbs – of the undeveloped twin attached to the body of the live baby.
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