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Mother Dumps Baby Inside Pit Toilet In Nasarawa

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A mother with a heart stone dumped her new born baby in a pit toilet; but God led people to its rescue.

An abandoned baby (Illustration)

A new born baby boy has been rescued form a pit toilet after he was dumped by his wicked mother who did not want to keep him.

The dastardly incident happened in Masaka, a community in Nasawara State, along One Road Junction, when the cries of the baby attracted some residents of the area and when some able bodied men plunged into the pit latrine, the infant was found covered in faeces.

Though the mother of the child is yet to be found, the residents expressed shock that a woman could carry a pregnancy for nine-months, only to give birth and dump the child.

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A resident who expressed her shock, said:

“This is very sad and shows that the heart of man is very wicked. How could a woman carry a child for nine-months and decided to throw the baby away when there are some women who can pay any amount to have the fruit of the womb?”

The baby has been handed over to the police who have in turn handed it over to an orphanage in the state.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Adora

    February 27, 2016 at 10:55 pm

    Although very said, and I hope God can one day allow me to work with situations like these. I however, i dislike how the mother is potrayed. Do we know her situation, do we know what made her do it, do we know her state of mine? No… only God does. Although said, it is not our plc to deem this woman wicked or stone hearted. If anyone has ever given birth to a baby you know that the love you have for that child is undiscribeable and only desperate cases/situations will make you obandon your baby into the hand of death. I am not saying what she did was right. I am saying, thank God the baby is alive and only God can and will judge. Wherever she is, I am sure she can’t find rest and is remorseful of her actions. Let God judge!
    Stop writing articles that she might see and might influence her to take her own life.
    This is why I dislike certain african information, your job is to inform not to judge!

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