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NLC Strike: Open Letter to The Senate and All Governors in Nigeria (MUST READ)


By @disturbingafrik

I know nothing has been new about the news until recently, all of a sudden, your government seats became uncomfortable for your speeches.

It’s is a shame to understand that at this point the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has a finger in your nostrils. I can’t possibly make a list of falling elbows in the arms of the government but irrespective of the fact that “ruling is an individual thing”, senators and governors who are/aren’t in same party with the president (APC) have joint forces with President Buhari against our dear country, Nigeria.

If I must say, your individual common senses have lost flavour of success, then you’ll should blame your lack of integrity to stand behind the future of your children and the entire nation.

Thinking of where this power is coming from, be it above that the world power has influence in the president’s decisions that possessed the entire three layers of your individual brains including the optic nerves, it is appalling to note that none of you is original. Eating again and again with the dirty plate can only give a disease yet to be found.

It’s high time that we recognized the resources Nigeria has and can daily create. It’s not just killing but inappropriate for a ruler to work with a blunt pencil in any design of nature.

Obey your father and mother for your days may be long doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t correct a wrong message with the right information given by your parents to you. Despite, in this case, the Senate has refused to be Buhari’s and the entire governors’ father in the government.

Now I’m done with the parables to face the fact. It’s new to note that President Buhari makes and execute laws in Nigeria while the law makers, the Senate and the governors now support him.

It’s been definitely more than a year President Buhari made himself the minister of petroleum, with the APC flag, promised Nigeria that his guts were from the gods as none of his campaign goals yet, has emerged. You can’t tell the deaf that war just begun.

You all are there screaming one Nigeria in your comfortable homes watching people die daily, starve, fight to die, live to survive, hate to be awake, and yet feel reluctant, unwilling to act right. I wish I could call all of you responsible fathers, for I know your sons/daughters in SUV jeeps with air conditioners wired to their lives, reading this, see the cry in the suffering Nigerians.

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Rulers of tomorrow is now a royalty in my country because your sons/daughters have already imagined themselves in government positions they don’t merit with academics or mental stability.

As we all know, the best way of defense is to attack. The NLC strike lead by Ayuba Wabba is fighting for the rights of the labour market and entire citizens of Nigeria to stop the killing of fellow Nigerians that started from the north and the new suicide cases that just eloped in the east to the sustainability of our entire citizens in provisions of water, food, light and at least good health systems.

You all have loudly said it’s illegal to commence strike but legal not to whisper “impeach Buhari” for incompetence. Now President Buhari is the one saying “No Work, No Pay” for same people he hasn’t paid for months. Even private companies can’t afford to pay their workers now. Some offices of the telecommunications including Airtel Nigeria don’t know when light will be provided (light/fuel) to run their daily services at usual/appropriate office times.

Spare the rod and spoil the child.

Only the money Diezani, the former minister of petroleum in Nigeria, returned can run this country. Now I’m not asking anybody to use the money or tell us where it is. Just 10% of that stolen money that Diezani brought back can fund the minor problems Nigerians face today other than looting, insecurity and corruption you all have collectively been fighting for or engaging in.

Already, people are being stoned down like Stephen in the north. I wait to see more dead people in your different states as shedding blood is now a natural instinct in your nervous systems. If nobody dies today as the NLC strike begins, then I call you all cowards. Keep killing people, vampires bearing the president’s plans.

If you all must continue with these unclear plans of the president, your living children will watch to see you all loose what you built for years for them, integrity. To before warned is to before armed.

By Disturbingafrik©

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