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Norwegian Prime Minister Caught on Camera Playing Game During Debate in Parliament

The craze for games is taking a new dimension as world leaders have also caught the bug.
A Dailymail report has revealed that Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg was spotted playing Pokemon Go game during a debate in her country’s Parliament.
The report further revealed that it is not the first time Ms Solberg, 55, has been spotted trying to ‘catch them all’, after telling reporters she was trying to ‘hatch eggs’ during an official trip to Slovakia.
Hatching eggs is one of the side features of the game, where players can obtain eggs at ‘Pokestops’ dotted around maps and then ‘hatch’ them by walking a certain distance – 2km, 5km or 10km.
A picture of the leader on Pokemon Go appeared in a Norwegian newspaper and she reacted with good grace, writing on Twitter that ‘women can do two things at once’.
Pokemon Go is an online game many have become addicted to in recent times
It comes weeks after another Norwegian politician was spotted playing the game on her mobile phone during a hearing on the country’s military situation.
Trine Skei Grande, 46, leader of the Liberals (Venstre), in Norway, and was spotted by viewers playing the game when the meeting of the parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee was broadcast live.
Ms Grande was accused of caring more about the game than issues of national security, but during a break from the meeting, Ms Grande defended her actions saying she has a head that ‘listens better when she is doing brain dead’ activities.
And ironically, it was Ms Grande who was addressing Parliament when the Prime Minister was spotted making the same faux pas as she did in August.
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