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Oh My!! 2 Women Allegedly Faint After 8 Hours Of Non-Stop Argument

2 fainted chinese women

Two-middle-aged women were reported to have fainted after arguing non-stop for eight hours in Angkang City, China.

The incident occurred in the downtown area when the ladies started arguing over debt issues.

The women had started arguing at 2pm over an unpaid debt. They had been trying to come to an arrangement however they could not resolve the issue, according to People’s Daily.

The weather was hot and both of them, without food and water, started a non-serious debate and that took about eight hours. Because of which, they became exhausted and fainted in the middle of the road.

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Onlookers, after seeing one of the women foaming at the mouth, called up the Ambulance. The pair was then taken to the local hospital.

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