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Oh My!! BRT Driver Helps Passenger Deliver Her Baby


This is a beautiful story that will make Nigerians and people all over the world not to look down on anyone. Indeed, Nigeria is a nation with good people. Nigerians have good hearts as they will do everything they can to make sure no harm comes within their reach. A young BRT driver identified as Agape Enyere has done something remarkable and incredible. This young man decided to step out of line when he helped a Mary Obi deliver her baby.

This BRT driver helped a woman on queue deliver her baby

The cab driver you see today could very well become your messiah tomorrow. You never can tell who God will plant in your way as a helper. If you live in Lagos, you will know how busy the city could get with the activities going on in this major city of Nigeria.


So many people dread living here as they cannot put up with the traffic and noise that is accustomed to the city. Irrespective of what people think, Lagosians love their city as they may not be able to put up with the boredom experienced in other places. Mary Obi ran into labour while she was about boarding a BRT bus going to Mile 2. Enyere became an angel on the spot as he was able to help the woman deliver a bouncing baby girl. As reported, Enyere was able to help this woman in labour deliver her baby because of the wealth of experience he had gathered as a midwife’s son.

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We are thrilled to know that people like this BRT driver are in the society. A life could have been lost if he was not around there. The same way Enyere helped with the delivery, a Nigerian soldier also helped a woman deliver a baby in Borno. We have to give great kudos to these heroes of our time.

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