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Oh My! See How Students Now Swim To Get To School (+Photos)


The video of how the terrible ways at which students go to school through a river in a quest to gain access to education, has taken over the internet and everyone can’t stop talking about it.

Students swimming to go to school.

Students swimming to go to school.

GHOne News have reported that, students now swim their way to school in a quest to gain education at Tsavanya, the nearest community with school facilities in Ghana. They also revealed that, canoes are mostly unavailable to them to go to school from Agorde to Tsavanya.


According to the video, the children while about to swim their way to school put their uniforms, shoes, books and bags in a stainless basins and hold it carefully as they swim across the river. However, one of the children who access the river with two of his brothers and other children said it is more dangerous especially during rainy seasons but they have no choice but to bravely navigate the waters to school.

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Wonder where the local government chairman of this community is and what he/she is doing with the money allocated to the development of this community.

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