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Oh My!! Woman Sets Mother-To-Be Ablaze Over Her Ex-Lover (+Photo)


Wonders shall never cease to end. A pregnant woman was set ablaze in Bauchi recently due to a confrontation with a scorned ex-lover of her issue. Reports say a woman named Lami attacked a pregnant 23-year-old woman, Amina Lawal, in husband’s house.

A woman named Lami was very unhappy when her ex-boyfriend left her to marry another woman. She went to his house and set his new wife, Amina Lawal, on fire. The woman was rushed to the hospital and is currently recuperating.



Amina Lawal recuperating in the hospital

Photo Credit: Armstrong Bakam

Lami was said to have poured a gallon of petrol on Amina and set her abalze with a lighter. She sustained burns on her thighs, hands and her face. Lami said she was dating Amina’s husband before they married and was angry at their marriage. She said: “I did not actually go there to burn his wife; my intention was to go to his house and burn all his property. I did not know his wife was in the house. He jilted me after long years of relationship and married another woman.”

Amina said she welcomed Lami into her home then Lami proceeded to pour petrol on her. She said: “She poured petrol on me and set me ablaze. I removed my clothes and tried to open the door, but she had locked it from outside. It was when my neighbours heard me shouting ‘Fire! Fire!’ that they came to my rescue.”

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“My husband told me that Lami tried to discourage him from marrying me because she had some affection for him, but he did not know that she could go to the extent of harming me.” The husband, Mustapha Ayodele, also spoke out. He said: “I rushed home and met my wife burnt all over. We reported the matter to the Yelwa Divisional Police Station, after which they transferred us to the emergency ward of ATBU Teaching hospital for treatment.”

“I have never dated Lami in my life. I only counselled her on how to go about her life affairs. Why would she attack my wife who is three-month pregnant just because she admires me?” This story depicts the wickedness of some women because they refuse to move on from former lovers. If he doesn’t pick you as a wife, it’s because he chose not to. Refusal to let go of the hurt and betrayal can lead to wicked scenarios like this and the burden will weigh you down. Let go of previous relationships and focus on new ones in order to live a happy and productive life.

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