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Omg!! Drama In Port Harcourt As Woman Discovers She Has Been Married To A Dead Man For 6 Years

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A lady allegedly “ran mad” on Friday, in the wake of finding the father of her two children and spouse for a long time had kicked the bucket since 2002.It was commotion and perpetual dramatization in old port Harcourt town waterside as a lady distinguished as Elegance Amadi by her neighbors ran distraught on Friday evening subsequent to making a stunning disclosure that her significant other of 6 years and father to her 2 youngsters had kicked the bucket since 2002, LeadersNg reports.

A source told LeadersNg that Mrs Effortlessness and her significant other whose name was given as Tony had been hitched since 2010 and have been living calmly with their 2 little girls who were both considered in 2011 and 2013 separately.


Mr Tony had left for his job normally this morning and today was supposed to be
a normal day in their lives until she received a visitor in the late hours of the morning who claimed he was a distant relative of Tony. The visitor’s exact conversation with Grace could not be extracted from either of them as the visitor left shortly before Mrs Grace began to scream in disbelief and rage, several times throwing herself on the floor to induce injuries.

A source at the scene says neighbors gathered round and saw old pictures of Tony lying on the floor, apparently left behind by the visitor for Mrs Grace.

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The source was also shocked at the pictures left behind, one was wedding ceremony pictures of Tony and another woman dated May 2000, another was a car accident wreckage which had allegedly killed Tony, another was Tony’s remains lying in an open casket apparently depicting his funeral dated July 2002, the last one was a picture of a grave headstone carrying the full name and the dates of birth and death. The mystery remains, how is someone who had died in 2002 alive and well and even remarried with children?

Attempts were made to reach Mr Tony by phone but they all proved abortive as his number was not reachable. A delegation of neighbors were sent to his office to retrieve Mr Tony but the delegation returned empty handed and revealed that Mr Tony never arrived at the office that morning as he drove out for work from his house.

Mrs Grace had since be taken to a local prayer house for spiritual treatment against the advice of a psychiatric home while her children are being looked after by her neighbors as they look on confused. Maybe one day they will be old enough to be told that their father had died before they were born.

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